About Us

Mermaid Spice Corp., Inc. 1 was founded by Mike and Julie Asaad in 1988.

Although Mermaid Spice Corporation has only been in business for 34 years, Mike’s family has been in the spice trading business for 3 generations.

True experience you can trust from a world traveler!

From Morocco to Southwest Florida, Mermaid Spice offers the freshest and naturally blended spices, rice, bases, gourmet foods and oriental products.

The aromatic and flavorful spices are sourced from around the globe and are all vegan ✓ kosher ✓ and halal ✓

Mermaid Spice proudly offers the best selection of gourmet products for your business and your home.

Serving Southwest Florida Food Service Industry Since 1988

The Mermaid Spice Group consists of:

⚓ Mermaid Spice Corp., Inc. 1

⦿ Mermaid Spice Corp., Inc. 1 – Retail

⦿ Galleon of the 7 Seas

⦿ Angel Pasta

⚓ Pirate Mike’s, Inc

⚓ Kraken Cookin’

Mermaid Spice Corp., Inc. 1 provides:

spices, rice, bases, gourmet foods and oriental products for restaurants, institutions, and distributors.

Our retail division of Mermaid Spice caters to anyone who loves to cook. Pirate Mike’s is our retail spice division that focuses on spice blends, rubs, hot sauces, rice blends, and vanilla.

Galleons of the 7 Seas is our division that focuses on Kosher and Halal sea salt and vanilla. Lastly, Angel Pasta is a cutting-edge manufacturer that produces healthy, organic, and vegan food products. We are proud to say that we are the only company in the USA to sell Kosher and Halal sea salt.

Certifications & Affiliations

At Mermaid Spice, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond for our customers.

Food safety is our #1 priority. We are:

SQF Level 3 Certified ✓ HACCP Certified ✓ Registered with the FDA ✓

Fresh From Florida ✓ Women Owned ✓

Many of our products are Kosher and Halal certified so count on us for clean and pure ingredients.